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Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease is caused by the accumulation of bacteria, mucus and other particles in the form of plaque or tartar that sits between the teeth & gums.
It causes damage to the surrounding soft tissues & teeth bones.
Unfortunately, Periodontitis progression is painless. That’s why it’s so important that the patient recognizes early signs when they appear as Gingivitis, and gum inflammation.

Gingivitis typically shows in red, swollen and bleeding gums.
Chesapeake Smiles Dental provides you with a series of deep dental cleanings, improved home care regimen and a commitment to regular maintenance which will reverse the course of the disease.
If left untreated, Smoking, genetic tendencies and unchecked diabetes can escalate Gingivitis into Periodontitis.

If Periodontitis progresses to a more advanced stage, there is usually clinical & radiographic evidence of damage to the bone and soft tissues supporting the teeth.

In this phase, Periodontitis treatment is designed to halt the progression and restore tooth support.
Proper medication can control the bacteria and reduce the size of the pockets between the teeth & gums, control gum surgery and control bone & tissue grafts.

Periodontal disease can range in severity from a simple gum inflammation to a more serious inflammation of the periodontal tissues. Left untreated Periodontal disease can result in significant tissue damage and eventual tooth loss.


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