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A Denture consists of natural looking artificial teeth. Set in a supportive base that can be either partial or full.

Works on restoring an attractive smile, provides needed support of normal facial contours, may be fabricated to replace either a small group of teeth, an entire upper or lower arch or both.

At Chesapeake Smiles Dental Dentures can be inserted in two ways. The first one is inserted weeks after the extraction sites that other surgical procedures have a chance to heal.

And the second and better way is an “immediate” Denture, placed the same day the last remaining teeth are extracted. As it offers the advantage of not having to go without teeth for any length of time. It can require multiple adjustments as the tissues remodel and heal following dental extractions or other surgical procedures.

In situations where some sturdy teeth remain, partial Dentures can be fabricated to achieve adequate retention and stability. By having clasps on the teeth surrounding the edentulous areas.

And In some cases added stability for the dentures can be provided by strategically placed implants.


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